The level of giving by our faculty is staggering sometimes. First, they and their students came before the school for the April assembly, sharing the work of the eight small communities that comprise our eight wonderful grades. Then the faculty community went on to present a gift of its own. Following three days of rehearsal, they offered a classical song in beautiful harmony, singing that “wherever I may wander” I will offer up the “fairest flowers” of myself, and will hold “boundless love” in my heart even after those offerings have come and gone. – James Kennedy

Listen here to the faculty’s performance of Brahms’ “The Gardener”

Wherever I may wander
in field and wood and plains,
from hill or valley yonder,
I send you, ever fonder,
a thousand sweet refrains.
A thousand sweet refrains.

My garden now discloses
the fairest flow’rs I know;
A thousand thoughts it encloses,
and with my garlands of roses
a thousands greetings go.

A thousands greetings go.

Alas, the ones I cherish,
they are all things apart;
my wreaths must wither and perish,
but boundless love will flourish
forever in my heart.
Forever in my heart.