If you had your parent conference on Tuesday, November 20, you might have been lucky enough to see the debut firing of the new CAWS bread oven.  Peter Rudd (facilities manager) and Kristen Fehlhaber (business manager) built this dry stack brick oven.  The plan is to use it over the winter and build the school a more permanent, clay oven in the spring.


After getting the oven to 500+ degrees, we reheated a pizza — it took about 2 minutes for the cheese to bubble.


Next up were pita breads — they puffed up nicely and were devoured by young and old alike.


Finally, as the oven cooled, we made a batch of cornbread; 1st grade assistant, Daniel Masi, stopped by to have some.

We hope to have some bread baking classes in the future and would welcome help when the permanent oven is built.  If you’d like to be involved with the wood-fired oven at CAWS, please contact Peter  or Kristen.