A post by Pam Fenner of Michaelmas Press, who was kind enough to work at our fair and write this lovely piece for her “Pam’s Perspectives” blog.

Go to a Holiday Fair

By PJF | Published: DECEMBER 7, 2012

Holiday fairs are often held in communities between Thanksgiving and Christmas or Chanuka. I recently worked at the fair sponsored by the Cape Ann Waldorf School. What a treat to buy items made of wood, beeswax, and other natural materials along with books and hand-made dolls. I am especially intrigued with the small wood animals from Germany—a veritable Noah’s ark.

As people entered the school, they were greeted with a string quartet of 8th graders playing in the front hall. When I visited the room where children were making hand-dipped candles, we were entertained by a trio of 3 violinists from the middle grades. A group of parents and faculty periodically came through the halls singing madrigals—a lovely festive day.

If you readers live anywhere near a Waldorf/Steiner school, check their website calendar for their fair.  You’re in for a treat. Here are some of the photos from the Cape Ann fair.

The Enchanted Caravan store at the fair

This constructed treehouse can be played from all sides.

Swingset and seesaw for small dolls

Advent calendars and winter scenes for sale

Magical castle scenery, knights, and animals made in Germany

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