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Ten Natural Ways to Get Your Kids Through Allergy Season

Once you or your kids feel that tickle in your throat and the sneezes won’t stop, you know it’s allergy season. Coughing, watery eyes and brain fog make it hard to focus on schoolwork and enjoy the outdoors. So what can you do to help protect your kids? Below, our own...

A lot of schools say they are play-based, but are they really?

You walk into an adorable pre-school and find the children playing outside. You see them playing indoors too, with dolls and kitchen sets and you feel good about the prospect of your child receiving a play-based learning experience as you know the amazing benefits...

Exploring Geometry Through Platonic Solids

Last week, the eighth-grade classroom was transformed into an art studio as the eighth graders participated in a 12-hour per day workshop focused on the themes of three-dimensional geometry explored through glass structures. This unique workshop was led by Hans...

2017 Raffle: Dinner for Two Anywhere in the World!

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS! Waldorf School at Moraine Farm is once again launching its RAFFLE with a WOW factor! DINNER FOR TWO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Yes, anywhere! This raffle prize includes*: Round-trip airfare for two people to any major international airport Hotel...

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