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Waldorf Schools, Girls & Science

Waldorf schools are well-established in Europe. As a result, Waldorf schools have been much studied there. This includes a major, recent study performed by a team of scientists from Austria’s Institute for Educational Research, Innovation and Development, which used...

Wait Until 8th

Dear Friends, There is a growing awareness in our society that media, in all its forms, produces harmful effects in children, perhaps the greatest loss being the dimming effect it has on the imagination and the ability to think creatively. While we, as adults, have...

Stanford University Reviews Waldorf Education

Waldorf education has a lot of support. With over 1,000 schools operating around the world and a 100-year track record, Waldorf has stood the test of time. But what do the experts say? Let’s find out. Stanford University conducted a multi-year, rigorous analysis of...

Waldorf Students: Responsible Caretakers of Moraine Farm

An Update from Science in Nature Our school garden is one of our most useful tools in educating our students about sustainable agricultural practices and becoming responsible caretakers of the land. It gives our children the opportunity to make a connection with...

Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

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