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Frederick Tudor the Ice King: A Hike With the Fourth Grade

As part of the fourth grade’s local geography block we ventured out to learn about Frederick Tudor, who in the mid 1800s was nicknamed the “Ice King.” He became known for revolutionizing the ice selling industry. Prior to his endeavors, the average American would not...

2016 Waldorf Curriculum: Nursery through Eighth Grade

A Curriculum Update Twice a year our teachers share a brief summary of what’s been happening inside their classrooms. As you read through these curriculum updates, you can sense how a Waldorf education actively engages the body, mind, and will, allowing the students...

Waldorf Math through Plato and Dodecahedrons

By Heather Collis-Puro, Handwork Teacher At Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, beautiful geometric drawings are often what come to mind when we think about math in sixth grade.   Many of us have purchased the notecards that Mr. Yoors’ (sixth grade) class sold at the...

Why is Waldorf Math Education Unique and Powerful?

Waldorf education lays the foundation for each individual to experience the internalization of mathematical thinking.  Like all Waldorf curricula math lessons are carefully planned to meet the needs of the developing child. Math lessons are brought through many...

Pioneers in Soccer

This fall the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm team fielded its first ever soccer team. Calling themselves “The Pioneers,” they opened the season with a tie as they found their footing and began to gel as a team. It didn’t take long, as experienced and...

An Inspiring Visit

The  7th and 8th grades were visited today by Shabana Basij-Rasikh.  Shabana shared that as a young girl in Kabul, Afghanistan, her parents, strong advocates for education for girls, dressed her as a boy in order for her to walk freely in the streets and secretly...

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