2011 Dinner for Two Anywhere in the World Raffle Winner

The “Dinner for Two Anywhere in the World” raffle was a great success, raising $20,000 for CAWS. The winner of the big raffle couldn’t be more excited! He lives in Boise, Idaho, and is uncle to parent Margie DeWeese-Boyd.

“Bev and I are so excited to win this trip for dinner! Liza (our dog)… not so much.” –Gary Pelley

We love Paris in the springtime… Guess where we’re going?

When Bev and I were dating (she 18, me 20), she went to Europe with her aunt. They traveled around to various countries and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I missed her so much that when she came back, I proposed to her at the airport…

I always hoped I would get a chance to take her back to Europe and we could enjoy it together. That just never seemed to happen. We retired recently and have been talking about making that long awaited trip together. Imagine our delight when we heard we had won the drawing. Our 45th anniversary is coming up next April 1st. (Our anniversary date should give you some clue as to our personality.)
We hopefully will be able to fly to Paris from San Francisco, spend 3-4 days there and then get a Euro Rail pass and go to Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and then back to Paris. We figure about three weeks.

Our attitude has always been that whenever children are involved in fund raising, we buy in, never expecting to ever win anything, because that isn’t what is important.

That is not to say we don’t enjoy winning this. We are ecstatic and will give you a call tomorrow to see if our plans can work OK within your parameters.

Thank you… thank you…. thank you!!!!
-Gary Pelley

Thank you to all of you who participated and here’s hoping you win next year!

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