Natural Dye Workshop

Our fabulous handwork teacher, Heather Collis Puro, led a fascinating workshop on natural dyes on a recent Saturday morning.  Lindsay Miles, one of our equally fabulous kindergarten teachers and also a very experienced dyer, co-led the workshop. About 20 people from the community attended.

Heather started by describing various materials that make up natural dyes.  Here, she’s holding a jar of cochineal (bugs!), famous for the crimson-colored dye they make.

Heather and Lindsay straining the sandalwood dye.

The dye pots

Stirring the osage orange (left), black walnut (center), and cochineal (right).

Stirring the alkanet (left) and sandalwood (right).

Lindsay and Heather holding the various shades of yellow that have been made recently at school.  The silk capes are made every fall for the kindergartners.

A detail of the yarns and silks that Lindsay Miles has dyed.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Pulling the yarn from the cochineal pot.

Amazing that these little critters produces such a beautiful color.

The finished silks.

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