8th Grade Projects

Every year, the 8th graders undertake a project that speaks to their passions.  They find a mentor and learn everything they can about their chosen topic.  This year’s projects were impressive in their variety. At the conclusion of their projects, the students give a talk and then stand by their poster board and answer questions.

For great photos of the students in action, please take a look at the April 29 newsletter.

Here are some photos from the project presentations.

Shane learned to build Adirondack chairs.

Shane learned to build Adirondack chairs.


Katie painted a mural at school and worked with two artist/mentors.


Katie’s mural


Aidan’s magic tricks were very popular with the students!


Kevin demonstrated Judo and taught us all something about its history.


Ben did landscape design work to enhance the surroundings of the school’s new wood-fired oven.


Sophia studied aerial arts and put on a heart-stopping show!


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