Creating an Outdoor Oven for the School

The school’s new oven is almost ready for baking.  The first step was making a sand dome of the proper proportions.  Yoko Yeaton, Daisy Nursery teacher, came out to help build the sand form.

IMG_6877 IMG_6879

The next step was checking the shape against our template.  Still needs a little more sand on the sides.

A mixture of earth, sand and water was used to form the oven walls.  After the clay walls dried, the sand was dug out by 4th grade teacher Aria Nevin.



Movement & Gym teacher Vanya Yoors lends a hand.  The wheelbarrow was full of sand before we were done.  Next steps — firing the oven to dry it, applying a layer of insulation, and putting a roof over the top.   (Top two photos by Anita Brewer Siljeholm)

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