The Spirit of Community, The Holiday Fair

In just a few days, our school will be transformed for the Annual Holiday Fair. The Holiday Fair Committee has been working tirelessly, and, as always, parents and friends have volunteered so much of their time to this amazing event. From planning meetings, to handwork gatherings, organizing donations, cooking, baking and decorating, it has been a busy season. But a true sense of community spirit carries everyone along.

Just a few more days until The Wee Folk Shoppe — the heart of the Holiday Fair — is open, and the Pocket Lady roams the halls. The little ones are ready to gather up the dolls, finger puppets and beeswax candles that have been so carefully made by hand. There are few things more fun to watch than the Pocket Lady surrounded by her enthusiastic followers!

“This is a very special time at this school. It is truly inspiring to see everyone give so much of themselves to make the Holiday Fair so magical for our children, our families, and our friends. And it’s wonderful to open our doors to our neighbors and invite them to join in the fun as well.”  — Heather Collis Puro

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