Science in Nature: Monarchs at Moraine Farm

By Coleen Ryan

butterfly-emergeAs we continue to get to know our Moraine Farm campus, each season brings with it new surprises and experiences. This September the second grade happened upon a Monarch caterpillar in the meadow that leads to the school garden. I have been keeping an eye out for Monarchs over the past few years and beyond the random butterfly, I have seen little else. When I learned of the sighting I was eager to investigate. The next morning with a large jar in hand I scoured the meadow for the caterpillars and found several! butterfly-chrysalisThis began our adventure stewarding Monarchs this fall. The school has embraced the experience and the children have been checking in on our new residents often—from hungry caterpillars to jewel colored chrysalis and emerging butterflies.

What a gift for us to have this glimpse into nature and its ability to transform. It feels good to know we helped ensure over a dozen Monarchs made it to adulthood and are now on their long journey south. We will definitely keep an eye out for their return next year!adult-monarch

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