A Waldorf Guide For The Holidays

The holidays are upon us. During this glorious time of year, how do we show our children that the holidays are not just about receiving but most importantly about giving? Here are our top tips and recommendations for getting through this holiday season with a sense of peace, goodwill, and gifts you and your children will both love, and that won’t break your budget.

Comfort and Joy

Show your children, and remind yourself, what the holidays are really about. Remember the motto “comfort and joy?” Try to manifest those sentiments. Giving to someone else, connecting and giving thanks are what make the holidays special.

Perhaps you already have a Gratitude Jar? Try implementing a Good Deeds Jar:

  • Items needed: jar, pieces of paper, pen and plenty of heart
  • Write a week’s worth of good deeds on individual pieces of paper and put in a jar
  • Each morning, draw out one of the deeds and participate in whatever the deed is. Examples of “good deeds” might be:
    • Bake cookies for a neighbor
    • Make a meal for needy community members (try Family Promise in Beverly)
    • Write a note/draw a picture for a friend, mail them a card!
    • Tell each member of your family one thing you appreciate about them
    • Make dinner for a friend and drop it off at their house
    • Offer to do a chore for a neighbor
    • Bake brownies for your local fire/police department and drop them off with a thank-you card
    • Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a long time just to say hello
    • Offer to shovel a neighbor’s walkway on the first snowstorm of the year

For Under the Tree, A Gift Guide, By Age

Ages 3-5:

It’s all about the imagination! Encourage your children to exercise their creative problem solving skills by selecting toys that are simple and multi-functional. Toys that can be imagined into many things provide an endless opportunity for fun, discovery and learning.Handmade

Waldorf dolls
Mildew-free bath toys
Wooden animals
Fairy Wings
Knitted fruits & vegetables
Wool animals
Felted balls
Tin or aluminum cups, saucers and bowls
Wood toy trucks
Stacking measuring cups
Felted animals
Silk sets
Sheepskin rugs
Streamer wands
Wood blocks

Ages 5-7:

Creativity and purposeful work. With newfound and improved fine-motor skills, practicing dexterity, coordination and focus through play is the best gift you can provide a growing child.

Gnome crayons
Wooden peg doll set
Rocks, geodes, crystals
Beeswax candle making kit
Beeswax crayons
Dustpan and broom
Pails & shovels
Wash basin, rack, clothespins and sponges
Jump Rope
Fort play clips
Soft Shields
Wood blocks

Ages 7-9:

At this age, children are ready to concentrate more on steps, processes and results. Independent and collaborative games are a perfect gift. Games that help children explore math and simple words are excellent choices.

Wood bookmarks
Wood notebooks
Wood slingshots with felt balls
Knitting needles and yarn
Rocks, geodes, crystals
Climbing ropes
Jumbo coloring pencils
Block Crayons

Ages 10-12:

At this age, collaborative games continue to be important. Items that require even more independence, with more challenging elements, are good choices. Children are noticing more in the world around them, and are becoming more aware of the passage of time. Games that reinforce math and word exploration can be fun and educational. Activities that keep children moving and exploring are important. Kits and items to help explore the earth, including the study of geology, agriculture and botany are great choices.

Waterproof stickers
Wood bookmarks
Wood notebooks
Sketchbook and colored pencils
Rocks, geodes, crystals
Stone and sculpting implements
Knitting needles & yarn

For Adults

Beeswax Wraps
Reusable snack bags
Wet Bags
Reusable Swedish Dishcloths
Reusable Straws
Candles & Candle Holders
Herbal Teas
Raw Honey

Holiday Gifts

Crane Stationery
Handmade Felt Ornaments & Garlands
Handcrafted Wood Ornaments & Figures
Solstice Candles

Enchanted Caravan Store

You can find many of these gifts and more at the Enchanted Caravan School Store located at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, 701 Cabot St. Beverly, MA.

Contact: schoolstore@waldorfmoraine.org for hours and special requests.

Some items may be purchased on line on our school store site.

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Don’t Forget Enchanted Fair Dec. 14 and Sip & Shop Dec 13
at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA.

Make gifts together with your children, enjoy time as a family, and shop for unique gifts for your loved ones while you support our school.

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