Family Craft – Bunny & Chick Pom Poms

Dear Families,

Here is a lovely craft to welcome spring to your home.  I will send along some verses for you and your child to enjoy with your bunny and chick.

Warmest wishes,
Kate Hill
Parent & Child Teacher


To begin, click on these two videos to guide you with this project.  I clicked on the mute button and watched the videos without sound. J  I have provided step by step instructions with visuals, too.  If you already have a pompom maker or plan to order one, you may skip the first video.  I used a Clover brand pompom maker Item #3124, size small.  Your child likely will find it easier to help you wind the yarn with a larger pompom maker. 

How to make a pompom maker from cardboard:

Note:  you may also wind yarn round your fingers to make pompoms.

How to make a Pompom bunny or chick:

Here I cut out bunny ears and beaks for the chicks.  Wool felt or other fabric bits with some stiffness work well.

You will need disks of two different sizes to make the head and the body.  For the body, I traced the outer and inner circles on cardboard using a lid jar and a quarter – make two of this size.  For the head, I traced the outer and inner circles on cardboard using a spool of thread and a dime – make two of this size.  Cut a small opening in all the cardboard disks.  Press two disks of same size together and begin winding your yarn round and round.

Here are two disks pressed together. Wind yarn round and round so you have three or more layers. The amount of yarn you use will determine the size and fluffiness of your bunny or chick. Once you’re done winding yarn round the disks, cut yarn along the edge of the disks. Use a piece of yarn to tie off pompom by stringing yarn between two disks and tying a knot. The yarn strings you have from tying knot, will be used to tie the two pompoms together. Check out second video for detailed instructions.

Make two pompons using the bigger disks for the body and the smaller disks for the head.  The yarn you used to tie off the pompons is now used to tie the pompons together, putting smaller one on top for the head.  Be sure to tie pompons together securely so your child may enjoy lots of play with the bunny or chick.  Yes, these are bunnies and chicks for children to play with, not just for decoration!

Here is a lovely chick.  Cut out diamond-shaped beak using wool felt or other fabric bits with some stiffness.  Attach beak using needle and thread.

And adorable bunnies.  Cut out two ears using wool felt or other fabric bits with some stiffness.  Attach ears using needle and thread.

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