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Why We Bake Bread in Early Childhood Classes

Bread making at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm is a much loved activity beginning with children as young as two years old. Waldorf schools around the world use different bread recipes. At Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, we have been making huckabuck bread since the...

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Benefits of Barefoot Babies

In this article, originally shared in Pathways magazine, Kacie Flegal explores the neurological benefits that walking barefoot has on developing minds. In our Parent & Child program, parents and caregivers learn about child development through guided activities,...

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POEM: What Is A Waldorf School?

By Ellyn Hilliard, 7th grade teacher at Desert Star Community School “What is a Waldorf School?”, you say, While on your way to Opening Day. You know there’s something strange and new But you don’t know just what they do. You toured campus late last week, Each colored...

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Early Literacy Learning in Waldorf Education

How Reading, Writing, Literature, and Language are Taught in a Waldorf Education By Dianne McGaunn and Kat Marsh The Waldorf approach to literacy is unique in two very important ways. First, Waldorf education builds a foundation for literacy learning through attention...

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Embracing the Goodness in the World For Our Young Children

Now more than ever, as adults, as parents, as educators, we need to embrace the goodness in the world and celebrate the amazing people on this planet! Why? Because our children need it. A child’s connection to a parent is so powerful, it is as though the two are one....

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Importance of Warmth in Young Children

Kindergarten February Update By Cristan Vineis, Kindergarten Teacher Over the course of the last few weeks our Kindergarten children have been experiencing warmth in all kinds of ways. Being a Waldorf school that values the importance of outdoor learning, we need to...

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