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Waldorf Education: The Importance of Rhythm in Early Childhood

As Waldorf early childhood teachers, one of our fundamental tasks is to offer the children a breathing-like rhythm to our day together – breathing in, as with listening to a story or resting, and breathing out, as in running, playing and roughhousing. In and out, in...

A Window into the Eighth Grade Language Arts Curriculum

A language arts curriculum generally focuses on words—reading words, writing words, speaking words and listening to words. Words are powerful, mystical, and musical. They evoke strong feelings and can paint beautiful pictures. Rudolf Steiner says that “our task is to...

The Importance of Waldorf Education for Middle School

Most adults would describe the middle school years as awkward and confusing, but also liberating and exciting. We base this description on our own experience and on observation of middle school students over the decades. Middle school students begin to face themselves...

Education’s Role in Curbing Teen Anxiety

The reports are out and they’re conclusive. Teen anxiety and depression are at an all time high. There is something amiss in our children’s worlds and perhaps our adult ones as well. As psychologists look to explain the trends and help people cope, educators should...

Successful First Annual “Sugaring Off” Community Event

This past Saturday, March 10, nearly one hundred members of our community, and friends of our school, gathered in the main hall to enjoy a morning of learning and dining together in support of the third grade farm trip later this spring. Early in the morning, the...

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