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Embracing the Goodness in the World For Our Young Children

Now more than ever, as adults, as parents, as educators, we need to embrace the goodness in the world and celebrate the amazing people on this planet! Why? Because our children need it. A child’s connection to a parent is so powerful, it is as though the two are one....

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Importance of Warmth in Young Children

Kindergarten February Update By Cristan Vineis, Kindergarten Teacher Over the course of the last few weeks our Kindergarten children have been experiencing warmth in all kinds of ways. Being a Waldorf school that values the importance of outdoor learning, we need to...

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Inside the Classroom: Language Arts Block in 3rd Grade

Take a look at what the Third Grade Language Arts Main Lesson Block* looks like. By Branigan Reed, Third Grade Teacher Learning Goals Students will: Understand and distinguish between the four types of sentences (command, statement, question, exclamation) and the...

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Why We Give: It’s Personal

This year on Giving Tuesday, I invite you to join me and my family in giving to the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm Fund. When Paul and I returned with Alexander (then five) and Aylin (three) from our nine-year sailing circumnavigation of the globe, we looked for a...

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“Enjoy screens. Not too much. Mostly together.”

By Dirk Tiede, Cyber Civics Teacher In early September I attended the “Humanity + Tech”  conference at the MIT Media Lab. It featured Joi Ito, the director of the Media Lab, Glen Murphy, the head of user experience at Google, and even Bo Burnham, the director of the...

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Making a Difference for the Monarchs at Moraine Farm

Science in Nature Update By Coleen Ryan, Science in Nature Coordinator During September, the students have been learning about Monarch caterpillars and their incredible transformation. Monarch butterflies are indeed beautiful to behold, and they are also important...

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