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Cyberbullying & Digital Drama

Connecting current events, social and emotional learning, technology, and art, Dirk Tiede, our Cyber Civics teacher and accomplished artist, created beautiful comic book panels to accompany a recent lesson on cyberbullying. In every bullying situation,...

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Working Together Digitally and Staying Whole

Almost overnight, there has been a significant shift towards the use of screen technology as a primary means of communication. While this technology is not new, social distancing has brought us into a new level of dependency on it. As a consequence, many people are...

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Family Craft – Bunny & Chick Pom Poms

Dear Families, Here is a lovely craft to welcome spring to your home.  I will send along some verses for you and your child to enjoy with your bunny and chick. Warmest wishes,Kate HillParent & Child Teacher   To begin, click on these...

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Fort Making – Instructions & Inspirations

I’ve been thinking of my childhood and my daughter’s early years. Building forts was a favorite activity. Very likely you’ve all had this hands on experience! Tucked away spots to play with dolls and stuffed animals, make puzzles, color, enjoy books, and day dream....

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Social and Emotional Learning, a New Model for Learning

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions, is being...

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A Waldorf Guide For The Holidays

The holidays are upon us. During this glorious time of year, how do we show our children that the holidays are not just about receiving but most importantly about giving? Here are our top tips and recommendations for getting through this holiday season with a sense of...

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