Hey Kids! Go Outside, Already.


WBUR Radio’s On Point recently explored the trend of today’s children being further and further disconnected from nature and what is being lost along the way. Tom Ashbrook and guest, Dr. Scott Sampson, author of the new book, “How To Raise A Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling In Love With Nature,” discussed the shocking drop in outdoor time seen in our children’s generation — they are spending up to 90% less time outdoors than most of their parents did. And the cost is high. Sampson cited the “skyrocketing” instances of childhood obesity, diabetes, attention deficit disorder and depression faced by this generation. Sampson’s position is that while going outside isn’t the entire answer, that, “Nature is a great step in the right direction to get these kids more active and engaged.”

This discussion is well worth the listen — please click here for the full story. The insights shared are so consistent with the values of Waldorf Education because it’s really a discussion about the health of our children and the health of the places we live. As Sampson notes, in order to solve the big challenges facing our planet today, “We need to engage people with where they live, so they understand it and care about it if we’re going to be sustainable as well.” Anything less impoverishes our children’s growth and the health of the places we live.


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