The Waldorf School at Moraine Farm Is Set in Stone

Stone Sign

Chris Dowley, Laura Freysinger and son with Jonathan Poore during the inauguration of the new stone sign o.n Friday, Sept 09

The Waldorf School at Moraine Farm welcomes back its students with a new stone and wood engraved sign. This sign is a gift from long-time supporters and parents of the school, Chris Dowley and Laura Freysinger from Marblehead, MA. The school will inaugurate the new sign during the Back-to-School Ice Cream Social on September 09, starting at 2:45pm.

“It is our hope that, many years from now, as students, parents, and faculty walk the grounds of Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, they will look at all that has come before them with the same sense of gratitude that we do today,” said Chris Dowley. “They will know that someone cared enough to be a steward of the gifts they received, and thought enough to pass them on.”

“The sign panel itself is of salvaged timber from a house on Cape Ann,” noted Jonathan Poore, one of the designers of the sign. “The massive piece of Cape Ann granite was found as you see it with the graceful curve all ready to cradle the sign. The school was founded on Cape Ann so the sign reconnects us to its roots while deeply anchoring us to our beloved new home on Moraine Farm.”

The school thanks Kate Wiggin and Jonathan Poore for the design and recognizes Butch Roth and Dave Araneo, two dedicated alum parents, for the fabrication.

The stone sign includes a copper plate with the following engraving:

Given in memory of Millard and Barbara Freysinger


Chris Dowley and Laura Freysinger,

Devoted parents of Gavin Dowley, Class of 2016.

With gratitude to this school

and to all who have contributed to its success.

August 2016

“It is not just the grounds and the buildings that we care for,” said Laura Freysinger, “but we are sowing the earth with creative thinkers who will go forth and manifest the future of our world. It is our deepest desire to be part of that destiny.”

Laura and Chris have volunteered time and energy in myriad ways during their fourteen years at the school. From the annual Holiday Fair and book sale planning to assistant teacher to making costumes for the children’s plays, Laura and Chris have always been active participants at the school.

“It has been our privilege to participate in these roles while watching our son grow in this very nurturing environment,” notes Laura.

Although Laura and Chris may not be around for the daily school pickups and dropoffs, as their son has now moved on to high school, they still have big plans for the school.

“For now, we would like to continue to be active participants in the school,” says Chris. “We are students of this journey and participants in its destiny.”

“We would like to see the expansion of a new gymnasium and performing arts center, while continuing to increase diversity and reach ‘full’ enrollment,” says Laura.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the school. Laura and Chris recognize that the school’s 2011 move to Moraine Farm and its development of a full Waldorf curriculum have been huge accomplishments for the school.

“We are so thankful for all the work, time, energy, and resources that Laura Freysinger and Chris Dowley have put into the school over so many years,” commented Sabrina Babcock, co-administrator at the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm. “Their engagement, on so many levels, has really helped make the school what it is today. For that, we are so grateful to have them be a part of our growing community.”

The school also thanks long-time preferred ice cream vendor, Cherry Farm Creamery located at 210 Conant Street in Danvers, who will donate the ice cream for this social.


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