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Waldorf School at Moraine Farm Student Visits the First Waldorf School in Germany

1stwaldorf_signAs part of a father and grandfather week-long road trip through parts of Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy, one of our students gets to see the first Waldorf school that was started almost 100 years ago in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Uhlandshöhe Waldorf School is the world’s first Waldorf School. It was founded in September 1919 by Emil Molt, the owner of the Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette Factory. The education is based on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. Today, close to one thousand students attend the school.” – taken from their school’s brochure.

We look forward to hearing all about the trip, and Waldorf in Germany, when our student returns.

Photos below were provided by the family.







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