The Winter Solstice Gets a Little Light

The Waldorf Community Association would like to extend an invitation to this Saturday’s Community Spiral of Light starting at 6pm in the Great Hall. Our Community Spiral of Light is for adult individuals, families with older children or entire families.
Many have found the experience of walking the Spiral as an older youth and/or adult as a powerful and peaceful experience.
You may sign up in the front foyer or contact Mrs. Deveau at or call 978.927.8811 so we can ensure seating arrangements.

Spiral of Light

We are fast approaching the longest night of the year, the winter solstice.  For months now, the darkness has been slowly but steadily encroaching upon the light.  The great drama of the season, a symbol of the struggle between light and darkness in our souls, is about to reach its climax.  In just a few weeks the influence of the darkness will reach its peak.  This season, however, is not one of despair, but one of intense hope and wonder, for just as the darkest hour is just before dawn, the longest night is, in reality, a herald of the daylight’s return.

At the festival of SPIRAL OF LIGHT, we look forward to the return of the light in the midst of the darkness. The children and their families enter the school quietly and gather inside the foyer upstairs until a doorkeeper brings you down to the Great Hall, which has been darkened. Families are silently ushered into the Great Hall, where the mood is one of reverence and wonder. In the center of the room is a spiral pathway made of evergreen boughs.  Music is softly playing as the children, some assisted by the angel and some walking alone, light their candle in the spiral’s center and find a place to rest their candle along the path.  Very often the best place is where the place is darkest.  When the last child has placed his or her candle on the spiral, all present take a moment’s pause to bear witness to what they have created.  Before them is a spiral pathway of light, a vision of hope and promise for the future.  The candles stay on the glowing spiral as the families silently leave for a quiet time at home before bed time.

The Spiral will take place on Saturday, December 3, starting in the early afternoon for the students.  However, it really begins before that with the activities chosen for the children earlier in the day and the mood set in the car on the way to school.  The more we adults are able to awaken in ourselves the sense of joy, reverence and wonder, the more we will have to offer the children.

After the festival, a fitting conclusion to the children’s day would be a special meal at home with family and friends and then a good night’s sleep with plenty of space for light-filled dreams.

**For clothing, please no dresses. Long hair should be tied back.**

Caroline Mercier, for the Blue Festival Group

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