Curriculum at a Waldorf School: Nursery through Eighth Grade

Get an inside peek into what our students are learning and doing from Nursery through Eighth Grade and Subject Teachers.

Read the complete January 2017 Curriculum Updates here.

Below are a few highlights:

  • Nursery is mastering the hard work of staying at the table during lunch time, and dressing themselves for outdoor play with “jump and flip tricks” to get all their snow gear on.
  • Kindergarteners are exercising fine motor skills by picking up crystals with their toes and crab walking in their imaginative play.
  • First graders are playing movement games to practice counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, and singing number songs to explore where they find different quantities in the world around them.
  • Second graders are gaining familiarity with the times tables one through ten and seeing the kinds of patterns they make when they are drawn in a circle.
  • Third graders are developing research strategies and organizational skills as they work through their dwelling models. In German, they are learning the vocabulary of the house with all its rooms and furniture.
  • Fourth graders are identifying the words as the parts of speech and writing more complex sentences. They are also learning music for their upcoming Norse play, singing a beautiful ancient hymn in Icelandic!
  • Fifth graders are reading “Minn of the Mississippi,” a story about a turtle that traverses the course of the mighty Mississippi.  This book has also supported their class ecological project of helping to raise two endangered Blanding Turtles.
  • Sixth grade has joined the seventh grade in the Middle School chorus and will experience music of the Renaissance, songs from other cultures (yes, our middle schoolers can sing in Swahili!), and some contemporary ballads as well.
  • Seventh grade has been working on the beginnings of formal algebra during morning lesson. They are experiencing number relationships of all kinds which beautifully meets their development, as they are also quite interested in social relationships.
  • Eighth graders are working on a formal research paper in which students explore a topic in U.S. history of interest to them. In handwork, they have chosen their fabrics for their shirt making project and are learning how to use a sewing machine.

Read the full January 2017 Curriculum Updates here.

5th Grade Lesson Book. Studying ancient India.

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