Waldorf Education and Gardening

By Coleen Ryan

The Garden Group recently met, solidified a plan and set forth preparing for this spring’s garden. The third graders, who have a year-long theme of farming, have been taking up this work wholeheartedly with support from third-grade parent, Caroline Horner. They took initial measurements of the greenhouse, created a building plan and began building two deep soil benches for the greenhouse. These raised beds will help keep the soil from freezing as it would with seed trays sitting on the shelves. They will allow us to try out the greenhouse while the temperatures are still low.

Third-grade parent, Caroline Horner, and her father assist the third-grade class in their building project.

The third grade will then be starting seeds for hearty greens inside with lamps, and our new grow table, moving them out to the greenhouse when they are ready. We will also start seeds for the outdoor walled garden in March, to be moved outside when it’s warm enough.

Third grader’s grandmother keeps an eye on work being done by third graders building their deep soil benches.

Mary Mansur, member of the Garden Group, has been instrumental in procuring seeds for this year’s gardens and helping to create a plan to rotate crops and ensure our soil is rich and ready for the season. We have plans to grow hearty greens, flowers to bring beauty and bees to the garden and vegetables that we can all enjoy. This year we’ve also made plans to upgrade the watering plan. Last summer was a hot and dry one and ideally we would have soaker hoses on a timer. This will allow us to adequately water our garden while still being mindful of water consumption. We are excited to move forward with this work and look forward to warmer days spent out in the walled garden. Stay tuned for opportunities to join us!

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