The Enchanted Fair: A Holiday Tradition at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

The Enchanted Fair is the biggest festival during the school year, taking place November 17 and 18. First created during the school’s early years as the “Holiday Fair,” this annual event marks the season of harvest feasts, the illumination of colder nights, giving and receiving.

Today, the fair has evolved into a larger event that has become a significant fundraiser where the school can showcase the campus, the Waldorf curriculum, and support its enrollment outreach and community relations efforts.

After months of planning and an “all hands” effort by every class and family, the entire campus transforms, proudly awaiting friends and visitors from all over New England to enjoy in the festivities.

It kicks off with the adults-only portion of the fair on Friday evening. This gives shoppers a chance to peruse the rooms of 50 artisans and merchants like LunaMoss hand-made wreaths, Hey Blue Handmade cotton rope bowls and baskets, Mona Enamel jewelry, Natalie Therese cork bags, Crefftwr’s Trees puppets, and My Pretty Peggy without the risk of children spotting potential holiday gifts. Beverages, cheese, and light music are provided to lend a joyful atmosphere.

On Saturday the fair is in full swing. There are steaming cups of cider outdoors where the fire pit crackles and groups gather to socialize. Copperdome Crust, Joe’s On a Roll, bake sale goods and healthy salads made by eighth grade families are served all day under the cozy tent outside. There are dragons to be slain on the leaf strewn nursery playground and the Pocket Lady and Pocket Gnome glide around with a swarm of young children seeking a small treasure. Little hands can practice their coordination skills as they hammer away in our new Carpenter’s Corner.

Inside, Tekla Pottery, Gilded Lily Charms, Little Owl Arts, Dakota Natural Goods, and other artisan tables and gift making activities keep everyone engaged. In the Trayes Room, candles are dipped under warm string lights as the aroma of melting honeycomb is serenaded by rotating ensembles of string players. The Wee Folk Shoppe gives young children their very own holiday shopping experience with a store built specifically to their size and budget. For older children, crafts abound! They can create unique stationery sets with leaf rubbing techniques, design their very own wish flags, or even make their own mobiles. Through all the bustle, the madrigal singers harmonize traditional holiday songs as they roam the halls.

The Enchanted Fair is also a homecoming for alumni and their parents, many of whom return to see the activities they remember from their time in school. Hugs abound when they see their past teachers, fellow classmates, or familiar parents. Like seeing old relatives at a family reunion, it is in these moments you can witness the continuum of the Waldorf community.

Guests arrive with a sense of belonging and most likely leave with several good-smelling parcels, perhaps some baked goods and a handmade gift or two. The Enchanted Fair and the Waldorf community are excited to welcome you this holiday season!

By Linda Wrinn, 4th Grade Parent

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