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We chose to begin our son Milo’s education at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm because of the way Waldorf cultivates in its students an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, on the one hand, and the social and emotional competencies so often overlooked in other institutions, on the other. We know that our children are like sponges (intellectually speaking), wanting to absorb everything within reach—and that this more or less happens naturally. But if we are not intentional about putting our children in touch with beauty and mindfulness, they will not necessarily naturally gravitate towards those things. Sadly, many children are pulled precisely away from these values, because of the currents in our culture. Waldorf education offers a powerful and intentional resistance to the many inimical trends of modern society and education.

The Moraine Farm location is also an enormous draw for us. It makes perfect sense that an education based, in part, on the beauty of the natural world—its sights and smells and sounds—would be situated in an utterly beautiful natural surrounding. Further, what better place to develop our children’s relationships with one another and with their own emotional and spiritual dimensions than in the calm and inviting (but also sometimes wild and free) atmosphere of the woods of New England. The campus is deliberately and mindfully landscaped so as to mirror its natural surroundings, but also to reflect the values of the education offered in these woods. These beautiful spaces in which our children learn are as much a part of the lessons as anything else.   

The most important aspect of our choice to send our son to Waldorf, however, is the teaching staff. Without the confidence that we are putting our child in the care of competent, gentle and loving teachers, we never would have made the decision to enroll Milo at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm. We know that his teachers know him, love him and have the ability and energy to give him just what he needs at every turn. We really feel so grateful for the teachers—the heart and soul of the school—who have had a chance to influence Milo’s own heart and soul.

We feel so very fortunate for the opportunity Milo has at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, and the opportunity this gives us as a family to be a part of such a connected and dedicated community.

By Katie DiSalvatore

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