Waldorf School at Moraine Farm Presents: Windows Into the World of Waldorf Open House on September 29

On Saturday, September 29, Waldorf School at Moraine Farm will host an Open House starting at 10am where visitors will experience the value of Waldorf education for themselves.

Parents have numerous options here on the North Shore which is why it’s so important for families to make the most informed decision they can about their children’s educations and futures. How well a child performs and learns in school now has lasting effects on their high school, college and life experiences as well.

The upcoming event, Windows Into the World of Waldorf, is an excellent way for families to experience what a Waldorf education offers, how a child learns in a Waldorf environment, and how Waldorf School at Moraine Farm differentiates from all other public and private schools in the area.

Visitors may choose from a series of 30-minute classes in Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Music, Cyber Civics, Nursery and Kindergarten classes, specific to a range of grade levels. While in class, experience what it’s like to be taught in the Waldorf method and see how engaging it is to be a student at the school.

Experience how Waldorf’s time-tested approach to education promotes a learning environment that allows for self-discovery, creative problem solving and high achievement.

For information or to register click here.

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