Why We Give: It’s Personal

This year on Giving Tuesday, I invite you to join me and my family in giving to the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm Fund.

When Paul and I returned with Alexander (then five) and Aylin (three) from our nine-year sailing circumnavigation of the globe, we looked for a school that would mirror the experiences to which they had been exposed during our life away. We sought an environment that would continue to nurture their innate curiosity, let them take risks, and allow them to learn through experiencing the world around them. We wanted a place where they would feel understood, heard, loved, respected, and supported. Finding and then joining this Waldorf community was a perfect fit.

We are now in our third year at the school, and continue to be amazed at the wonder of Waldorf at work. Our children ask questions, challenge what they hear, and explore to learn. Our kindergartener is working with her classmates to build ever-more-complicated forts and learning about cooperation, collaboration, balance, physics, and architecture without realizing she is doing so. “You could use the big rocks too,” she exclaims, “but they are harder to balance!”

Our second grader is encouraged to discover patterns in the multiplication table that help him understand the “why” and “how” of it, while also retaining the “what.” “Three by two is six,” he explains. “And thirty by two is sixty, but three by twenty is also sixty!”

To ensure our school’s continued development and success, my husband Paul and I give to the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm Fund every year. I encourage you to join me in supporting this wonderful educational community! #givetoWSMF on #givingtuesday

Thank you so much for considering this!

Giving Tuesday Goal: $10,000

With excitement for the year ahead,

Sima Baran and Paul Robertson

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