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I’ve been thinking of my childhood and my daughter’s early years. Building forts was a favorite activity. Very likely you’ve all had this hands on experience! Tucked away spots to play with dolls and stuffed animals, make puzzles, color, enjoy books, and day dream. This is a fun building project you can do together. A bit of practical wisdom is once you’ve built it, your child will snuggle in for independent play.

In her article, Stop Entertaining Your Toddler (In 3 Steps), Janet Lansbury says,

“Learning to be a play ‘supporter’ rather than playmate takes practice, entails sensitive observation, open-mindedness, acceptance and, most of all, restraint (especially for those more inclined to do than watch).  But once we get this down, it is an incredibly relaxing, satisfying, Zen-like experience.”

Suggested Fort Materials:

blankets, sheets, pillows, clothespins, chip clips, table(s), 2 or 4 chairs, rope for a tent structure (string rope high and away from the child)

Building Tips:

  • Tables for structure: Tables serve as walls and ceilings so you won’t need as many sheets and blankets to build the structure.
  • Chair walls: Got a few sturdy chairs? Simply arrange them back-to-back with space in between for your fort. Then all you need is a big sheet or blanket to drape over the top as a ceiling.
  • Rope roofs: Tie lengths of rope across two far-apart points (make sure they’re strong and won’t tip over) and then drape your blankets and sheets over the top to create a roof.
    *Add pillows, blankets, and soft toys to “cozy up” your fort.





Happy fort making!

– Kate Hill, Early Childhood Faculty

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